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Transworld Properties International is one of the leading real estate companies in United Arab Emirates. Since its start in 2004, Transworld has remarkably expanded its activities from local to international markets. Transworld Properties International is a leading real estate service provider with its head office in Dubai with global reach throughout the United Arab Emirates - Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and as far as Qatar.


Transworld provides expertise in the purchase, sale, leasing and management of properties. Our commercial and investment wings function as fully integrated teams of experts which provide strategic acquisition, consulting, and management services. We lead the competition in identifying the right opportunities, completing the most advantageous sales, obtaining the best risk-adjusted returns, and protecting investments.


Founded in 2004 as Hassan Sultan Real Estate, explosive success in our Dubai real estate operations led to the merge in 2006 of Transworld Properties International. Our mission has been, and remains, to provide the finest array of comprehensive property solutions in the region and the world. We pride ourselves on rigorous honesty and unmatched dedication to attaining and exceeding our client’s desired results. Transworld prestigious client list includes many different industries such as Oil & Gas, Banking, Accounting, Lawyers, Trading, Fashion, I.T, Aerospace, Media, etc.

WHAT Gives Us The Competitive Edge?

  • Comprehensive Property Solutions -- Transworld prides itself on providing a full range of property investment services under one roof. We have a proven track record in property management, purchase and sales, advisory services, building consultancy, and transaction support.
  • Specialized Expertise -- Each of our property consultants is a specialist in their own particular sector and all employees are chosen for their entrepreneurial flair. Our corporate structure combines specialized and innovative individuals with comprehensive coverage for superlative results.
  • Trustworthiness – Since our beginning, we have established a reputation as the agency which can be fully trusted. Ethics and dedication motivate every aspect of our daily activity.
  • Global Scope – Transworld's geographic scope is growing daily. We offer real property solutions to a challenging and ever expanding global market.
  • Prestigious Client List – Some of the most powerful and respected corporations and businesses in the world today have chosen Transworld for their property solutions.